<p align="left"><a href="/retail-store/">Retail Store</a>
Our Retail Store is staffed with experienced techs to consult about custom built computers and parts for DIY.  All parts are reliable, warranted, high-end components.
<p align="left"><a href="/repair-service/">Repair Services</a><span> &</span><br /><a href="/residential-it-solutions/"> Residential IT Solutions </a>
Our Repair Service is staffed with experienced techs to repair and maintain PC and laptop computers in our shop.  Your computer will not be shipped off to a repair facility across the country.

Our Residential IT Solutions sends Computer Zoo techs to your home to set up computers, peripherals, wireless networks, and more.  We proudly offer White Glove Pick-up and Delivery.

<p align="left"><a href="/business-it-solutions/">Business IT Solutions</a>
Our Business IT Solutions provides small businesses with a wide range of IT services with the goal of enabling our business customers to become their most productive.